We Don’t Need No Thought Control

A Buick in the Land of Lexus


Our kids are in CRISIS.

I work with teenagers in an affluent suburban area.

They don’t comprehend what they read. They use calculators to multiply 10 x 10. The average high school junior has no clue what the word “diligent” means.

They write essays resembling those of a 5th grader. About how Albert Einstein discovered electricity.

In tests administered in reading, science and math to 15 year-olds globally, we are behind TWENTY NINE countries in math. And our kids’ performance in reading and science is  not much better. And yet, American investment in education is unrivaled, globally.

Are you scared yet?

We lead the world in the consumption of illegal recreational drugs. And one of the chief sales outlets?


Our teenage suicide rate is the highest in the world.

EVERY DAY there are over 5,400 suicide attempts by kids in grades 7 – 12.

NOW are you scared?

The two places teenagers…

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Rising Black Authors

Keep Rising To The Top


As a black man who grew up in a neighborhood where reading a book didn’t make you seem to cool, better yet even carrying a book you would get called a nerd. I was always a smart kid growing up so I decided to read when no one was looking, you know just to get some insight on what was going on inside the heads of others. I’ve been following this brother Hill Harper for quite sometime and find the gentlemen intriguing. I was recently reading mygrowthplan.org Bio on the brother and he said something that was striking to me.

“Every day we are faced with challenges and choices. Some are harder than others. It’s often easier when we’re younger because many decisions are made for us, and there are many rules to follow. Be patient and know that if you can make it through today, tomorrow’s challenges and choices will be a lot easier.

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you just know it cover1“While it is important to have friends, it’s also important to realize that you – completely on your own – have to be able to make yourself happy. It is by making the right choices in our life (that include our friendships, family relationships, education, careers and other things we do … or don’t do) that we learn how to bring true happiness into our life.”

I would like to say to you my brother keep encouraging and uplifting the people around the world, If I was able to give you one suggestion. I would suggest that you give your full time in motivating because the world need it. I find It vital for our younger generation to have inspired rode models, do to the fact that there are so many broken families across America. I have a novel that I’m currently working on that will inspire and open the minds of millions.

By: Sharon Dennis                                                

3ldiw0wvv9uldpmt_yj-0bcd2o7gzzykrnu63etlyvoI encourage you to right young brothers and sisters, express your thoughts through ink. What I’ve noticed by writing for me it gives me power over my thoughts, so I’m able to express what I can’t express verbally. In today’s technology there’s many of way for creating a book that can be distributed and read by millions across the globe. That’s why I encourage you to take full avantage of things we use for gaming purposes only. Take the time and subscribe to current on things that matters.



Confused Over Religion And Fighting Over Power

What’s Really Behind Religion IMG_2471.JPG As I write this blog I pray to God in my Lord and Savior’s name that the eyes of millions are opened and all that read this will be inspired to share it to inspire others. What do I mean the truth about religion, lol and starting my blog in a prayer. Well I’m here to tell you, you are about to be fed! I speak only what my Father tells me, And I quote “let my people go.” We have been confused and controlled with this thing call religion for years and years. We go into the building week after week calling it church and none of the elders correct its sheep. I then began to search for answers looking nowhere but inside my soul, He did say He shall go away and leave me a comforter. As I seek wisdom and find answers I find that the elders of the house of worship has conformed themselves to the same system that Jesus was against, but say their followers of Christ. I belieBibleve we’re talking about the same Christ that was persecuted and hung on a cross right, the One that died for you and I sins. I studied the same book, and in that book He said do away with old tradition. There’s nowhere in the bible where Jesus said for his disciples to go out proclaim yourself as Christians and form a gang throughout the world. I do recall a scripture tho where the pharisees were claiming to be follower of Abraham and Jesus said I tell you the truth before Abraham was “I Am”. Jesus never spoke of religion in the bible. Would you agree that in religion there’s a lot of confusion. You have Baptist religion believing one thing and Catholic believing another. Now you have just an all out Christian Group that believes something that differentiate them from Catholic, but correct me if I’m wrong Catholic are Christian. It was said to believe that the Catholic religion is the mother of all religion. I honestly believe that religion was created to control low minded, unintelligent, fearful man. There tons of information out there you just have to do your research, but heres a video to check out but believe what you want.

After watching tell me what you think. …

A City So Nice

Where Have All These People Gone

IMG_2468.PNG Detroit ‘The Motor City’ know for it’s home to manufacturing of Ford Cars. Since the shut down of Ford the city has been on a continued decline in population, businesses, churches just an overall city period. Where are all these people going and why would the government allow this to happen, what did the city do so bad to make it people suffer so much?

Could it be the late Twelfth Street riot of July 23-28, 1967, one of the biggest in U.S. history, where inner-city black residents went against police, then National Guard troops came to aide sent in by Gov. George Romney and Army soldiers deployed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. In five days of rioting, 43 people are killed, 467 injured, and more than 7,200 arrested. Some 2,000 buildings are destroyed. I don’t know what’s the true reason behind this great fall, but I do know there’s one. The city was also known for its 1959 Berry Gordy’s Motown Records. With artists like the Supremes, the Temptations, Martha and the Vandellas, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and the Jackson 5, changed the direction of popular music.


With so much history and such beautiful land marks why would this city die and who’s behind it crumbling at such an alarming rate. It wouldn’t shock me to see what’s next,  The plan behind the great fall, a rising power.

The Village Reunion

Senseless Shooting In The Hood 20140811-150213-54133088.jpg Chicago’s west side housing authority neighborhood better known as the VILLAGE, has been home to many and a grave to plenty. It’s a well known land mark throughout the city, and sad to say not for the good. This pass weekend the neighborhood hosted it’s yearly event “the village reunion” and like every year the mothers and elderly got together and prayed for a happy and peaceful gathering. It’s aways good to have peace especially while in the presents of young kids. Sources say once again there was shooting at the reunion and I quote, it never fells why can’t we out of all people just have a good time with no violence. According to my sources it just wasn’t caused for, a young teen wanted attention and got it by messing up. 20140811-181951-65991475.jpgThis neighborhood has had it’s share of tragedy, enough for an entire city. The killings and violence has took it’s toll on the residents that presides there. It seems as if everyone you speak to in questioning about the hope of things getting better has little if any at all. From my experiences of growing up there and being apart of the problem, I could almost feel what their feeling. When I was a teen and growing into a young man, to me it felt like my neighborhood was somehow forgotten like no one really cared. This must be some of the emotion they’re dealing with. It was stressful enough watching the demolition and the relocating of friends that you’ve grown up with for years be forced out.

I’m here to tell you there is a better way.

Speaking For Those That Aren’t Heard

Ramarley Graham Was Killed By The NYPD Over Two Years Ago, And Nothing Has HappenedAPTOPIX Bronx Shooting

It’s been two and a half years since NYPD officers barged into the Bronx home of Ramarley Graham without a warrant, fatally shooting the unarmed teen in front of his grandmother and 6-year-old brother.

It’s been a little over two years since officers cheered fellow cop Richard Haste after he pleaded not guilty to manslaughter charges for killing Graham, as Graham’s parents sobbed.Richard Haste

Haste exits the courthouse after posting bail in New York, Wednesday, June 13, 2012 as his fellow cops cheer and clap. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)Constance Malcolm, Frank Graham

It’s been a little over a year since a judge tossed out the indictment against Haste because of a technicality, and it’s been exactly one year since another grand jury declined to indict Haste.

Friday also marks the one-year anniversary of when the Department of Justice announced it would investigate Graham’s death. The DOJ has remained silent on the investigation since then, and declined to comment on its status for this story.

And it marks another year that Graham’s mother, Constance Malcolm, says her family has gone without justice.

“Richard Haste — I just want to see him pay the price for what he did to my child,” Malcolm says while sitting by her son’s grave in a video posted to YouTube on Thursday by the Justice Committee, a police reform advocacy group. “Richard Haste is free, working, collecting a paycheck, while I’m here waiting to see if the Department of Justice is going to take the case.

She mentions a petition at Color of Change, which already has over 32,000 signatures, that calls on the Justice Department to prosecute Haste. Malcolm, who’s also filed a civil suit against the city, plans to deliver the petition to the Justice Department in person on Aug. 20 at noon.

She and five other mothers whose sons were killed by police met with NYPD Inspector General Philip Eure on Wednesday. They asked Eure to investigate the department’s use of force, especially in incidences leading to death.s-NYPD-480x360


Mommy Worked Two Jobs Just To Tell A Lie


I Will Break This Cycle With My Kids

MOMMYI try to put it together, I look at it from every angle I possibly can and it still makes no damn sense. A mother form a black hood has struggled year after year so her kids can have the best. Yes I said the best, but not best education, no not the best health insurance but the best damn Christmas year after year. Wait thats not it, just to come home and say some big fat “WHITE MAN” bought all my gifts. Thats why I say A mother from A BLACK HOOD, because a hood is used to pull over your head to cover your face. Give it some thought and see if you can figure it out and if not go home and ask mommy. After all that has been done to humanity period, what possessed mothers to do such a thing. When I grew older and understood life from a different perspective this particular topic has always lingered in the back of my head, where did this myth about santa come from.


According to Dr. Richard P. Bucher It is well known that the name “Santa Claus” comes to us by way of the Dutch “Sinter Klaas,” which in turn, was a form of Saint Nicholas.

Dr. Bucher says “Because of the gift-giving legends associated with Nicholas, it was held (especially in Belgium and Holland) that on the Eve the Feast of Nicholas, the bishop himself would come from heaven and visit children in their homes, giving gifts to those who had been good. Nicholas, decked out in full ecclesiastical garb (bishop’s vestments, with miter and crozier), would arrive on a flying gray horse (or white donkey, depending on the custom). In some variations of the legend, he was imgres-4accompanied by Black Peter, an elf whose job was to punish children who had been bad”. Ok I can understand where they get the tradition from, but that was them and their tradition not ours.